It's been demonstrated that physical exercise
can be the best non-medicinal treatment.

Imagine being able to speed up recovery
from childhood cancer.
And now, imagine no more!

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How did la Aceleradora get started?

In 2018 Fundación Unoentrecienmil launched a research project to measure the impact of exercise in cancer patients. This project, the embryonic stage of the future la Aceleradora, received from the very beginning the support of Cristina Mitre, patron of the foundation, along with her group, "Women Who Run", who have aided in the financing of the foundation's various phases.

It was seen in that first study that there existed a beneficial relationship between physical exercise and an improvement in the condition of the patient.

The birth of la Aceleradora is the result of those first studies and laid the foundation that guarantees that every child with cancer has the right to include physical exercise as part of their treatment and thus speed up recovery and improve their quality fo life.

Why is la Aceleradora so necessary?

Currently, 2 out of every 10 children with cancer do not survive, and this has been the same statistic for the last 20 years.

In Spain there are 49 treatment facilities for childhood cancer and out of these only 6 incorporate physical exercise as part of their treatment programs. La Aceleradora comes about with the intention that one day every child diagnosed with cancer will be able to include physical exercise as part of their treatment.

Following research pathways to find a definitive cure, and in this case analyzing in greater detail the clinical data that backs up the connection between sports activity and an improvement in health, is the only way to make sure that 10 out of 10 diagnosed children will survive.

How can you be a "team captain" for la Aceleradora?

The team at La Aceleradora needs help to revive hope for hundreds of children who are going through a tough time.

Jimena and Felipe Reyes are committed to spear-heading this movement and they need strong allies to win this battle. Would you like to join them and be a key participant in the victory?

This is why we are offering the possibility for individuals and companies to participate by financing this ambitious and innovative project that intends to find a cure for childhood cancer using physical exercise as the central axis.

You can help us change the statistics...forever!  Join the team at la Aceleradora!


The Decathlon for la Aceleradora

Achieve 100% Victories
The definitive cure for childhood cancer
is the final goal.

Analyze the Opponent
Research is the key in defeating this illness.  Financing it is everyone's responsibility.

Set Tactics
Physical exercise can be the best non-medicinal treatment to maintain a better quality of life.

One Game at a Time
Physical activity is key in lessening the side-effects of traditional treatments.

Enjoy the Match
Exercise improves hospital stays for kids and families.

Offense is the Best Defense
Exercise provides cardiovascular strength during the most aggressive phases of treatment.

Use Technology
Our digital platform leads sessions, collects data, and aids treatment

Pack the Stadiums
Only 10% of hospitals include exercise as part of their cancer treatment.

Beat Records
Studies show that exercise reduces hospital stays by 17%.

Be Number One
We've developed the first study in Spain that evaluates the effects of exercise during treatment.

Benefits of Exercise

Would you like to make a donation to speed up a cure for childhood cancer?


Would you like to collaborate as a business to support Aceleradora Unoentrecienmil?

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Fundación Unoentrecienmil
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We are a Foundation that seeks the definitive cure for childhood leukemia by
financing research projects.


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