Digital Platform

Imagine an experience that can improve the quality of life
for every kid with cancer. And now, imagine no more.

A project that is so innovative and technological requires a state-of-the-art digital platform that links real life to the digital space and provides a complete experience while allowing researchers, therapists, and kids and families to interact.

The primary objective of this platform is to help researchers make advances in their work through data bases whose information is collected by therapists in actual sessions with patients.

The Platform in Five Words


An integral medicine approach that tends to the physical and emotional health of patients and their families with the sense of well-being nurtured by professionals who provide the service.


An interface that provides comprehensible data to inform every user who uses it.


Reacts and communicates with users according to their individual experiences.


Contains the necessary information that allows for a minimal dependence on personnel at the time the service is provided.



Connects with other devices and facilitates the creation of user groups and communication between different individuals.

Digital Tools

Functionality at the Service of Experience

La herramienta digital de la Aceleradora va más allá de lo que ocurre dentro de la pantalla durante las sesiones de ejercicio físico. 

Se trata de un espacio virtual que conecta, por un lado, a comunidades de terapeutas para compartir información, recursos y casos; y por otro, a comunidades científicas de todo el mundo para la elaboración de papers a través del análisis automático de patrones y la explotación de datos que ofrecen el las tecnologías de análisis Big Data y machine learning.

Pero no sólo los profesionales tienen su espacio dentro de la plataforma. El objetivo de la herramienta es también empoderar al paciente y a sus familias. Los peques podrán experimentar de forma gamificada, tanto dentro como fuera de sus habitaciones, los avances de sus sesiones de ejercicio físico, obtener recompensas virtuales y compartir sus logros. Las familias, por su lado, contarán con una red de apoyo, formación y acompañamiento profesional, así como toda la información relativa a las sesiones de sus hijos para poder llevar un seguimiento.

For Researchers:

Generation of data bases that help arrive at a definitive cure by monitoring all activities and the medical condition of each patient. Automatic analyses of patterns and data obtained through Big Data and Machine Learning will hopefully result in the publishing of significant papers.

For Therapists:

Therapists' work will be facilitated and guided by evaluating cancer patients' physical exercise sessions and by directing attention to their physical and emotional condition. The commitment and participation of patients, and therapists, will be strengthened as they obtain tangible rewards and share in their achievements.

For Kids and Teenagers:

Motivation and companionship as they exercise during their illness. Patients and their families will be empowered by a support network, training, and the guidance of professionals who will share all data related to their sessions and the evolution of their condition.

Exercise Therapy Unit

Designing for Tangible and Intangible Services

Innuba has as its mission the creation of exceptionally innovative social projects whose goals are an enrichment of the collective and transformation of the social aspects of companies and individuals.
In this case, they have worked with the Foundation by leading the research and design process that has resulted in the actual service, the modeling of the space, and the digital platform.


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We are a Foundation that seeks the definitive cure for childhood leukemia by
financing research projects.


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