Aceleradora Unoentrecienmil

The first real-life and digital project
that speeds up recovery from childhood cancer using physical exercise.

La Aceladora is an initiative of Fundación Unoentrecienmil
that makes sure every child with cancer has the right
to physical exercise as a non-medicinal therapy
and in doing so influence in a very positive way their recovery
and quality of life.
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Primary Benefits of physical exercise 
 for children with cancer.


Elevates survival rates among patients


Reduces hospital stays by 17%

Lessens side-effects & promotes cardiovascular health

Increases kids' self-esteem and their quality of life

In 2018 Unoentrecienmil set up a research grant
to demonstrate the effects of physical exercise
on the immunological systems of kids with cancer.
Because the problem is never too much's a lack of it.

Research Project

What makes it real-life...?

Physical Exercise Research Unit

What makes it real-life is that we set up Physical Exercise Research Units in pediatric cancer hospitals.  University Hospital La Paz in Madrid will be the first to include exercise as a part of treatment in order to reduce
bed confinement syndrome in children with cancer and thereby improve their quality of life during and after treatment.

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What makes it digital...?

Digital Platform

We have developed a web application that helps therapists
lead exercise sessions for children with cancer and collects key data
for scientific research at the same time.


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Our Researchers
Because research is the key to ending childhood cancer

Dra. Carmen Fiuza Luces

Lead researcher for La Aceleradora, Dra. Fuiza specializes in biomedicine and is Head of Research at the Institute for Health Research
at Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid.
"Previous studies in pediatric cancer have demonstrated how physical exercise promotes health and longevity, reduces the risk of disabilities, and helps manage symptoms associated with the disease and side-effects related to treatments."

Dr. Antonio Pérez Martínez

Chief of Pediatric Hematological Oncology Service Unit at University Hospital La Paz in Madrid.
"The goal is for children to be almost as active as they were before cancer,
and to feel better and have more energy. That's why it's indispensable that physical exercise
be prescribed as therapy."

Dr. Alejandro Lucía Mulas

Researcher at Universidad Europea de Madrid.
Recipient of the National Award for Sports Medicine Research.

"We have to treat children's cancer in a different way than adult cancer.
When children finish their treatment they still have a whole life ahead of them,
and frequently, a whole life of side-effects."

Kids & Families

Living Testimonials

"Exercise not only helps children tune out everything surrounding hospitals and their illness but, it's also good for their muscles, heart, and overall health."                                                                      - Dani, father of 12-year-old Lorena

"For us it's helped us tremendously, especially during our hospital stay. Lorena was always eager for her trainer to show up so she could get out of bed, take a break and do some exercise."                     - Raquel, Lorena's mom
More Testimonials

Solidarity Sports Challenges

Supporting Research to Find the Solution

Did you know that you can help others while playing sports?

Whether on your own, on a team, or with a company, you can use our platform to set up a challenge in a specific sport, raise awareness and then meet that goal.
If your goal/challenge is to help us raise funds, every euro collected goes to La Aceleradora UnoEntreCienMil and, thanks to your efforts, we can get closer to the definitive end of childhood cancer.

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Would you like to make a donation to speed up a cure for childhood cancer?


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Fundación Unoentrecienmil
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We are a Foundation that seeks the definitive cure for childhood leukemia by
financing research projects.


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